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Project ID: Joint preparation activities for natural disasters in the Komárom-Komárno region

Projektazonosító: Természeti katasztrófákra való közös felkészülés a Komárom-Komárno régióban

ID projektu: Spoločné prípravné aktivity na prírodné katastrofy v regióne Komárom-Komárno

Opening meeting (Event-Private) HU/SK (Event–Private), Izsa, SK


The start meeting will involve key personnel from both organizations ensuring that everyone has a common understanding of the project timeline and objectives. It will support the joint efforts. By having a common understanding from the very beginning of the project, it will mitigate the risk of miscommunication and misconduct. It will also provide a platform for the key members from the two organizations to get together to introduce their capacities and share their existing operational procedures. This event will serve as an opportunity for the leaders of the firefighting units to have focused technical discussions about their capacities. This will support the objective of improving interoperability between the volunteer fire brigades.


Field trip (Event–Private), Tata, HU


The key personnel of the applicant and the partners hold a field trip and a planning event to prepare the practice. This event ensures that the exercise is sufficiently challenging for the participants based on the learning objectives defined during the Coordination Training. Finally, this event leads to the main event of the project, which is the field exercise.


Operations control group preparatory training. (Event–Public), Komárom, HU


The Operations management members of the two organizations participating in the exercise participate in training on the coordination of natural disasters. They define the way in which the capacity of voluntary organizations is used. They get to know the technical background of the units. Uniform guidelines are developed for the duration of the exercise. They define the roles among themselves for the duration of the exercise. They become familiar with the rules and legislation relevant to the field. They get to know the liquidation tactics expected in practice.


Natural Disaster Response Exercise (Event–Public), Tata, HU


A full-scale field exercise in a natural disaster-prone area according to a scenario. The practice management prepares the work areas safely for the participants. The exercise management notifies the firefighting units of the region. The region's 80-person response unit will arrive, and then an occupational health and safety briefing will be held. After that, they set up their operational base, and then the exercise continues for them for 36 hours. At the beginning of which it is determined that additional units are needed to eradicate the disaster. He asks for the support of the partner, who will arrive at the site in 4 hours with another 80 members. They also hold occupational safety briefings. After the briefing, they join the firefighters already on site and continue the joint operation for 32 hours. The contingent of 160 people must form a unit that is suitable for continuous work in the field. On the third day of the exercise, the teams dismantle their base and head home. The field exercise gives 205 participants the opportunity to jointly test their procedures in eliminating a simulated cross-border natural disaster. The exercise will be participant-centered, meaning that exercise management will create a scenario with work areas in which participants must make their own decisions and are forced to cooperate with each other and jointly coordinate their response units. The focus will be on challenges that teams cannot face or practice without the presence of units from across the border. During practice, learning objectives remain in focus, allowing practice management to identify gaps and best practices.


Lessons learnt and way forward workshop (Event–Public), Kocs, HU


This event will be suitable for evaluating the exercise. It serves as a platform for both the leaders of the partner organizations and the responding units that participated in the exercise to reflect on their performance and the exercise itself. This will be the basis of the recommendations developed by the partners. Allows the project to continue.


Project closing event. (Event–Public), Izsa, SK


This event serves to bring the project to a complete close. All events of the project will be discussed at the event. Item-by-item presentation of the total cost of the project to applicants. Exchange and presentation of the necessary documents. The finalization of the next step, which ensures the common future of the two organizations.



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The project is co-financed by the Governments of Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia through Visegrad Grants from International Visegrad Fund. The mission of the fund is to advance ideas for sustainable regional cooperation in Central Europe.